Who We Are

About the PTC

Our focus is to promote the development of all paddlesports categories among paddling participants within the United States and Canada, and to provide a collective strategy of industry growth initiatives to all paddlesports stakeholders through the development and implementation of effective overall industry consumer facing selling strategies. The PTC will also provide leadership in DEI initiatives to ensure inclusive access for all, and will be a voice in local, state, and federal legislation that will support our paddlesports growth objectives. 

Our Mission

PTC member organizations are dedicated to advocating for and promoting the strength of the paddlesports industry in North America and supporting commerce and inclusive access in a coordinated effort to expand a vibrant community of participants in all human and sustainably powered boating activities. 

We are a collaborative, authentic, and passionate team of brands, retailers, outfitters, and sales reps who choose to influence, advocate, and foster growth and development within the paddlesports market segment.  

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